The Latest Fashion Statement: Eyeglasses

Russell Westbrook's fashion statement
Photo Credit:  Mark D. Smith

Back in the day, wearing eyeglasses meant that you: 1) needed to see what you were reading or 2) you actually needed help with blurry vision. Nowadays, wearing eyeglasses is a fashion statement. The big “nerdy” glasses have been a trend for some time now. I find it amusing to see NBA players like Russell Westbrook sporting eyeglasses that match their outfits.

Personally, I’ve been wearing the same eyeglasses for nine years now because I just haven’t found a pair that I really like to replace them. I do wear them because I am nearsighted and as a fashion statement. They are DKNY “cat’s eye” glasses that I will probably keep forever and put away as a collector’s item in the future. As you can see, they give me that “smart teacher” look – at least I think they do!

Me Wearing Glasses

I have been wanting a new pair of glasses, so like I said, I’ve spent some time shopping around. Designer brands are pricey in doctor’s offices, so I’ve found out about sites like that carry brands like Emilio Pucci, Donna Karan, Fendi, and Kate Spade, just to name a few. I especially like these stylish Fendi bifocal glasses…

Fendi glasses

I also have my eyes on these Nine West tortoise-print frames…

Nine West eyeglasses also carries the Clic brand, which offers a very unique style of reading glasses. They have a magnetic closure on the bridge with a wraparound neck band. The magnets are supposed to “click” into place and can withstand very strong winds. The website says they were tested in Harley Davidson wind tunnels with winds up to 143.75 mph. And when you want to take them off, all you have to do is separate the eye pieces and let them hang around your neck. Very different from the standard reading glasses you find in the pharmacy, right?

Do you wear eyeglasses to make a fashion statement or because you have to? Or both?


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