Beauty Product Review: HAVVN DNA Skincare System

HAVVN DNA Skincare System

“I knew there must be another way to age; I want to be alive, I don’t want to be eaten up from life at the age of 60. I want to have more, I want to have life at that age too.”–Dubravka Pavelic, HAVVN Creator

Have you ever thought about what you would look like at the age of 60? Does it scare you? Well, it shouldn’t. We’ve been led to believe that you will look old and wrinkly when you reach the golden years, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When you feed your body good food and use the right beauty products, you can age beautifully and gracefully.

Just like Dubravka, I believe that everyone has a choice about how they age. She created the HAVVN skin care to reflect that belief. The HAVVN DNA system is a 100% all-natural cream that emulsifies oil and water without any harmful chemicals. Find out more about all the ingredients contained in this skincare line.

The line consists of a day cream, night cream, and an activating cream. I was also sent a sample of the cleanser as well as the toner. Because I like to keep my beauty routine as simple as possible, I only used the cleanser, day cream, and night cream.

I really liked the cleanser because it gets my face squeaky clean without any residue. Both the day and night cream have a slight citrus-y fragrance to it that I like. They also keep my face looking dewy.  All you need is a few pumps of the cream to cover your entire face.  I noticed that if I don’t use the creams and just use a serum, my face gets dehydrated very easily, especially now during the summer.

HAVVN Day Cream
My best friend definitely noticed a difference in my complexion. I hadn’t seen her in a couple weeks, and she told me that the lines in my forehead are not as deep as they used to be and the sun spots on my face are fading. She wanted to know the secret… 🙂 I didn’t even think to take a before-and-after picture; I really wish I had.

Have you tried the HAVVN DNA system? I would love to hear about your experiences…


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