Seaweed Bath Co. Review: Wildly Natural Seaweed Shampoo

Ever since I can remember I have dealt with a flaky, itchy scalp. I have tried many dandruff shampoos that you find in stores like Walmart or Target, but the only shampoo that has really worked for me is Head & Shoulder’s Clinical Strength. I’d like to get away from using it because it contains sulfates, which may be the cause of my hair loss.

I was sent The Seaweed Bath Co’s Wildly Natural Seaweed Shampoo in the citrus scent and the lavender scent to see if perhaps these would work on for my scalp. The Seaweed Bath Co’s mission is to help people combat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema using all-natural ingredients. Adam Grossman, the company’s founder, was a long-time psoriasis sufferer.

Bladderwrach seaweed is one of the main ingredients used in all of the products – hence the company name. The minerals found in the brown seaweed helps to detoxify, condition and soothe dry, irritated skin.  Other ingredients used in their products include dead sea salt, argan oil from Morocco, and kukui oil. 

What I like about the shampoo is that it is lightweight and the scent is not strong – not to mention that it has worked very good for my dry scalp. I was skeptical at first just because I’ve gone so many years trying different products. I should have known better than to doubt natural ingredients!

Find out more about Adam Grossman’s psoriasis story.

Have you tried Seaweed Bath Co’s products?

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