Losing Weight vs Being Healthy

Feet on weight scale

Have you been trying to lose weight for awhile with no results? I know many women who have been in this predicament. They’ve tried everything to shed that extra weight, but nothing seems to work. They’ve dieted, exercised, and went through weight loss programs, but to no avail.

I believe that women don’t have any success with weight loss because they’ve become obsessed with it. They constantly talk about how they “need to” lose the pounds and how everything they are doing is not working. What they don’t understand is that the words they are saying are powerful and being in that mindset of having to lose weight is blocking their success.

What if you shifted the way you think? Instead of focusing on losing weight, why not create a mindset of being healthy? Instead of complaining about how nothing is working for you, why not be grateful that you have choices in what you can eat? How about focusing on how fun exercise is instead of viewing it as a punishment or something that has to be done to lose weight. Also, stay off that weight scale!

I understand the need for that quick fix. Our society thrives on instant gratification. We want to lose 50 pounds in one week. That could be why plastic surgery is so popular. However, after you get that surgery, then what? You can’t go back to those bad habits of eating junk food and not exercising.

In my experience, when I shifted my focus from “I have to lose weight” to “I chose to be healthy”, I became more conscious of my food choices. Whenever I go grocery shopping or have a craving for junk food, I always ask myself, “Is that healthy?” I’ve never had to diet and I consistently exercise – whether it’s going for a walk around the neighborhood or lifting weights at home. I do small things everyday to stay healthy.

What are you focused on? Losing weight…or staying healthy?

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