Fashion Games Now, Famous Designer of the Future

Online fashion game

When I was a little girl I loved dressing my Barbies and playing with those paper dolls just to change their outfits. I had more fun putting together outfits than actually playing with the Barbies. My mom even bought this Barbie closet for me to keep all the clothes organized. So It’s no wonder I grew up wanting to work in the fashion industry. Although I got my degree in Psychology because I thought that was what I was supposed to do, I was still drawn to fashion and style.

Nowadays I’m writing about fashion, but that doesn’t stop the little girl in me that loves to play games – especially those related to dress-up and style. The first thing my best friend’s daughter wants to do when I visit them is play dress-up games online. I had no idea there were so many different games out there! There are sites like iPlay where you can download games that will entertain you – games like “The Fashion Boutique”, “The Stylist”, and a whole host of makeup and fashion games. For those of you “big girls” – did you know that InStyle has the “Instant STYLIST” game?

It’s great to see my friend’s daughter get so excited about playing these games because I can totally see her becoming a fashion designer. She’s always doodling in her “fashion” notebook and has mentioned wanting to be a model when she grows up. Although I know her mom has different aspirations for her, I already know that she’s destined for fashion greatness.

I think it’s important to support our daughters or any young woman in what they love to do. Some may view working in the fashion industry as superficial or not contributing in any way to society, but we have to remember that each and every one of us wears clothing. Without the fashion industry, what would our society look like? Everyone walking around naked? That’s boring. Besides, who knows if your daughter could be the next Donna Karan who not only is a great designer, but uses fashion as a platform to give back to the community?


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