Everyday Outfit: Comfortable Yet Stylish

Some people think working at home on the internet is glamorous, and yes, it is nice and I love having the flexibility to work anywhere in the world, but the only thing is that I tend to find myself in a clothing rut – wearing pajamas or sweats all day. It’s comfortable, but I don’t feel productive at all. I believe that there is truth to that saying, “Dress for success”, and it applies to everybody who works at home too.

A plain ole black tank top and a skirt can still be stylish with the right accessories. Don’t forget to dress up the nails too! It wasn’t until I was taking pictures for this post did I realize that the pendant on my necklace was matching my nail polish (Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in “Boca Mocha” with Essie “Shine of the Time”)…


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