Dressing For Your Figure

Moulin prom dress

Do you have a hard time finding a summer dress that flatters your figure? There are five different body shapes, so knowing your body type will help you choose dresses that look good on you…

1) Apple
An apple shape is someone who tends not to have a particularly well-defined waist. However, it is extremely common for members of this group to have fantastic breasts or legs or both. Therefore, it is important to show off these features. The gorgeous evening dress to the right would be perfect for someone of an apple shape, as it creates a subtle waistline. The vertical stripes also elongate the body of the wearer, balancing out the width of the wearer.

Floral printed dress2) Pear
A pear shape will find that the majority of their weight is in their bottom and hips. They will tend to have smaller breasts but shapely waist and hips. The key to balancing out this body shape is to choose a design that is more detailed on the top. The summer dress to the left is a perfect example of this. The highly patterned top half of the dress draws the eyes upwards and away from the hips.

3) Strawberry
Pink prom dressA strawberry shaped person will be top heavy – which can be fantastic, but can sometimes look a little unbalanced. Depending on your preference, you can either try to accentuate what gifts you have, or you can balance it out with the right outfit. The dress to the right is a good example of how both of these can be achieved. The shaping around the breasts ensures that you will achieve cleavage to make anyone envious, but the flared skirt will add shape to your hips.

4) Hourglass
Sunset pencil dressIf you are lucky enough to have a hourglass figure, you will have a well-defined waist line and well balanced breasts and hips. You are lucky because most clothing will suit you. The beautiful vintage print dress to the left is a gorgeous example of a dress that would look perfect on an hour glass figure. If you are shorter, it will also elongate your figure vastly. The fitted nature of the dress will show off your fantastic curves.

5) Rectangle
Artemis blue dressSomeone of a rectangular shape typically has very little in the way of curves. Instead, they will have broader shoulders and a relatively undefined waist, but generally they will be thin. The dress I have chosen for this body shape is a bright color so it will draw attention. The belted waist cinches in the figure, while the flared skirt and shape to the hips and the slight detail at the collar adds shape to the bust.


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