5 Beauty and Fashion Summer Travel Essentials

Ready for a vacation? Make sure not to leave without these 5 travel essentials. I took these on a recent trip to Chicago, and I’m so happy that I did…

1) Aubrey Soothing Moisturizing Lotion in Evening Primose – Traveling tends to wreak havoc on your skin, and mine is no exception. I like this lotion because it’s lightweight, plus it contains wheat germ and avocado oils, which are very rich in Vitamin E. This lotion is small enough (3 oz) to carry in your purse or carry-on.

2) Kelly Teegarden Organics Rose Water – When you’re traveling long distances, it can make you feel…blah. I like to freshen up by spraying this on my face and neck.

3) Softlips lip balm – Actually, I never leave home without lip balm in my purse. This balm does exactly what it says: It keeps your lips soft, plus it contains SPF 20.

4) Love & Toast roller perfume in “Clementine Crush” – When you’ve been walking around at the beach or in the sun all day, you tend to get a little musty. I like to dab a little bit of this perfume behind the ears and on my wrists for a little boost of freshness.
Kushyfoot portable sandals in grey

5) Kushyfoot Sandal Flats to Go – These portable sandals definitely came in handy during my trip to Chicago. My friend and I did quite a bit of walking, and I was wearing ballet flats. My feet started to sweat and rub in the back of the shoe, so the sandals offered so much relief! And they’re stylish too 🙂

What are your summer travel essentials?


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