How Plus Size Women Benefit from Mad Men Styling

Contrary to popular belief, the “thin” woman wasn’t always in. Marilyn Monroe, for example, was a size 14. Just a few decades back, a more voluptuous woman was the standard to which all over women were held. While this belief seems to have faded with the entrance of heroin sheik models and petite sized stores, shows like Mad Men are bringing the love for a voluptuous woman back to center stage.

Joan Holloway, the show’s feisty red head, has made a woman with a fuller figure sexy, and her wardrobe has given us a style nearly all of us can look great in. So if you are looking to bring an element of vintage style in to your closet, consider a few Mad Men wardrobe elements:

The Cut
The lines of nearly every vintage dress shown in Mad Men are meant to be on a woman with curves. The higher waists and the strong lines can do wonders for a figure, and can make nearly any woman look like she has an hour glass figure. Don’t be afraid to wear the form fitting clothing as demonstrated by Joan in the show. Simply make sure that you are purchasing pieces of good fabrics and smooth lines and you won’t be able to go wrong.

The Jewelry
While the jewelry of Mad Men isn’t always bold and there isn’t always a ton of it on one actress at any given time, there is no doubt that each piece makes a statement. For plus size women, adding just a touch of jewelry here or there is a great way to draw attention exactly to the places you wish to. Consider adding a string of pearls or pearl earrings to a vintage styled dress, or even a gold broach or a simply gold necklace to make any outfit look classy.

The Shoes
The shoes of Mad Men are modest, but aren’t afraid of a little heel action. In essence, the classic pumps seen on the feet of the women of Mad Men, take traditional office wear and make it modestly sexy. Don’t be afraid to look for discount Liz Claiborne shoes or other inexpensive shoe picks to find those that closely mirror the pumps and kitten heels of Mad Men.

For larger women, vintage style definitely offers an advantage. The clothing of yesteryear was built with real women in mind, and can flatter a wide variety of figures. So if you are looking for a way to jazz up your wardrobe, don’t be afraid to give vintage style a shot.

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