What Color Diamond Is Best?

Diamonds Are

Believe it or not, diamonds naturally come in a variety of different colors and shades. Clear diamonds, also called white diamonds, are just the most popular color. Generally, you seldom hear about other colors of diamonds, however, there has recently been a trend in colored diamond jewelry.

Emerald Cut Canary Diamond CZ Sterling Silver Ring
This is in part because of Rihanna’s hit song “We Found Love”, which mentions yellow diamonds, also known as canary diamonds. As such, the sales of yellow diamonds have soared. If you are looking for a unique and hip gift to give someone or yourself, consider a piece of colored diamond jewelry.

Popular Choices of Colored Diamonds

While Rihanna’s song has led to an influx of interest in yellow diamonds, a few other colors of diamonds are also popular. Light pink diamonds have traditionally been a popular choice in women’s jewelry. Light pink diamonds make beautiful tennis bracelets, and are great to commemorate the birth of a baby girl. Light blue diamonds are popular in the same sense as light pink diamonds, but are more suitable for the birth of a baby boy. Vibrant dark green diamonds exist as a great alternative to emeralds. These diamonds are just as beautiful as emeralds, and come at a much cheaper cost. Generally speaking, colored diamonds are less expensive than clear diamonds since those are preferred when buying diamond rings like engagement rings.

Rose Gold Pink Opal and Diamond Fashion Pendant NecklaceA Color for Every Wearer

While colored diamonds are beautiful, you must be aware that not every color looks good on everyone. Someone’s complexion and skin color must be taken into account when choosing a colored diamond. Generally, you want a colored diamond that will stand out against a person’s skin color. Someone with light skin will look great wearing a dark purple or pitch black diamond, while someone with dark skin will look better wearing a diamond with a pastel hue.

Additionally, if someone has blue or green eyes, they will look good wearing diamonds that match their eye color. Someone with a ruddy complexion should never wear red diamonds, but these diamonds look great and vibrant on people with clear complexions. To tell what color diamond would look good on someone, think of what color clothes look good on that person.

Colored diamonds can make a memorable, sexy gift for anyone. After all, it’s still a diamond!


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