Unexpected Jewelry Discovery

Jewelry Display at Papyrus
NIQUEA.D boutique in Payprus

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you know how much I preach about accessories being the difference between a stylish outfit and one that’s just “plain Jane”. Every once in awhile I get compliments on my outfit, but people tend to notice the jewelry I wear more than anything.

So imagine my surprise and joy when I went into the paper store Papyrus the other day in search of inspiration for my greeting cards only to discover that the store now has a jewelry collection…and these are not just your regular jewelry. This is the type of jewelry that just makes you “Ohhh” and “Ahhh”.

NIQUEA.D is the new brand from Papyrus that consists of jewelry, handbags, scarves, candles, and greeting cards. I love the description of the brand from their website:

“…captures the imagination by offering an oasis of irresistible treasures and blends old world charm with new world glamour – all designed to intrigue and inspire!”

I love everything about this little mini boutique within Papyrus. From the logo (LOVE unicorns!) to the crystal stones used in the displays (brings good energy) – all of it just resonated with me. Oh, yes, and did I mention that the jewelry is just absolutely beautiful?!?

I met the NIQUEA.D stylist, Corey Degreenia, who helps women create outfits around a piece of jewelry. Who wouldn’t love a job like that, right? He told me that the store at Fashion Valley (San Diego) is having a soiree on May 4th from 5-9 pm and a trunk show from April 26th – May 6th. The soiree will have drinks and cupcakes 🙂

For more information about NIQUEA.D, visit: www.papyrusonline.com/niquead.html.

By the way, the Papyrus window display featured a dress made of paper. How creative and beautiful. Makes me miss putting together visual displays…

Dress Made of Paper


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