Latest Obsession: Spring Nail Polish Colors

Cabinet of Nail polish
A peek at my nail polish collection…

I was never one to paint my nails. Actually, I’m very good at painting my toe nails, however my finger nails are another story. I just get annoyed when I get a chip – which happens a day or two after I paint them – so I never really bothered with putting nail polish on my fingernails.

I had a friend in college who painted her nails every single day. She would sit at her desk every day after she did her makeup and repaint her nails. I thought she was crazy.

But now I understand.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with all the spring nail polish colors – especially coral. I’m also loving blue and green right now.

Caribbean #Blue #Nailpolish
China Glaze’s “Caribbean Blue”

I'm in a spring coral mood. "tropical temptation" by Loreal #beauty
Loreal’s “Tropical Temptation”

Maybe some of you can relate to this, but I can be much more productive at the computer when my nails look good. You’re typing away…and looking at your freshly-painted nails that look so pretty. It’s the equivalent of putting on a new dress when you’ve lost a little weight or wearing a pair or rockin’ heels.

My next challenge is to have fun with a little nail art. I came across this video tutorial for geometric nails that I want to try out…

What are your favorite spring nail polish colors?


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