Katy Perry Wows Again In New ghd Campaign

Katy Perry for ghd ad

Not too many ads or press releases catch my attention nowadays, but ghd’s latest campaign featuring Katy Perry as a mermaid really drew me in. Maybe it was her outfit, the creativity and colors used in the ad, the exotic look created with her hair…or perhaps all of the above.

Katy’s hair is styled with the new ghd hairdryer, which is the latest addition to the iconic UK-based hair care line that has been around for 10 years.

The ghd hairdryer features advanced ionic technology, a “cool shot” button to give your hair a blast of cool hair to keep it in place, ergonomic design, and two nozzles to create a variety of hair styles.

Awhile back I had shared some tips on hair care and I said to avoid blow drying your hair everyday because it dries out your hair. Some of you told me that not blow drying your hair in the morning was impossible because you just didn’t have the time to wait around for your to air dry.

I personally like to take showers in the evening or at night, so my hair is fresh and dry in the morning, but I understand that everyone has their own routine and blow drying your hair sometimes just can’t be avoided. I also know that you can create some really cute hair styles with a hair dryer versus a hair curler or hair straightener.

So if you do use a hairdryer often, make sure it is high quality that utilizes ionic technology so that your hair dries faster, which minimizes frizz and hair damage.


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