To Buy or Not to Buy Replica Watches and Handbags?

Chanel J12 replica or not?
Replica Chanel watch?

I’ve had discussions with several friends regarding designer replica items such as replica watches and replica handbags. These friends travel to China often and have come across replicas from many famous brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. I’ve actually been gifted with a few items, which I do or do not use.

I know that there are people who are completely against the use of replica designer items. I was one of those people. Then I got to thinking about where authentic designer items come from…and could these replica items actually come from the same manufacturer?

My friend has a replica Chanel J12 white ceramic watch which she took to someone who is a high-end watch dealer. The guy said that her watch is almost exactly like an authentic Chanel watch. Could there be a chance that these replica watches are made in the same place as the authentic counterparts, but the manufacturer keeps the replica items for distribution in China?

I recall a time when I was working in the Nordstrom handbag department, and a lady was interested in purchasing a Kate Spade wallet. She looked at several wallets that were exactly the same style, but she pointed out something I had never noticed before. One of the wallets was stamped “Made in China” while another wallet said “Made in Italy”. Same exact wallet.

Do we even really know where these designer items are made? Does it matter?

I get that designer brands want to make their items exclusive and are annoyed by all the replicas out there. I think that I would feel the same way if someone started copying my unique designs and selling it at much cheaper prices. However, to charge thousands of dollars for an item that probably cost less than $100 to make is ridiculous. That person in China who made the item or sold the item may very well depend on that sale to feed their family. They may not even know any better. Who knows. So if you want to wear replica Ferrari watches or buy a high quality replica Chanel handbag, you’ll no longer get any judgment from me.  To be honest, there are more important issues in the world that need our attention.  It’s wasted energy when we judge others for wearing replica items…or judge others, period.


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