Classic Look: Smarty Pants

On the Rooftop of Co-Merge Workplace, San Diego
I love working on the rooftop of Co-Merge Workplace

As a head-strong, beautiful woman, you know that you are smart, but there are days when you want to look smart too. Because I work from home, my daily outfits mostly consist of t-shirts, jeans, or simply plain ole sweats. Yeah, boring, I know.

Recently I got a desk at a coworking space in downtown San Diego because 1) I need to get out of the house and be around people, 2) I needed an excuse to dress up once in awhile, and 3) I miss the downtown area.

I do miss getting up in the morning and putting together an outfit with accessories and nice shoes…

Self Portrait: Classic Working Girl Look

Interestingly enough, the pants I’m wearing here are called “Smart Pants”, which do make me feel more professional, polished, and…well, smarter 🙂 They’re only $36 from Maurices website. For that much I didn’t think they would be very good quality, but they’re much better than pants from other well-known brands.

The cardigan I’m wearing is from H&M, which cost a mere $12.95. The best bargain…ever. It has been a staple, go-to piece from my wardrobe this past fall/winter. I wear it with a t-shirt and jeans or dresses.


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