Pam Thomas of Internal Beauty Boot Camp Dishes About Real Beauty

Pam Thomas

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Pam Thomas on my Studio 747 BlogTalk Radio show, (Yes, I wear many hats!) but we didn’t get to talk too much about her Internal Beauty Boot Camp program, so I asked her if she could answer a few more questions to share here on this blog.

Pam has been an inspiration for so many women including myself. She shares her thoughts about real beauty, self-esteem, and the fashion and beauty industry….

How did the idea of The Internal Beauty Boot Camp come about?

The Internal Beauty Boot Camp idea stemmed from a wish I had to help others blow to pieces the “I’m not enough” syndrome. I know what it feels like to battle the naysayers, internal and external and this seemed to be a reoccuring topic of conversation with my coaching clients. It really made sense to take my life’s work and experience and share it with others in order to help diminish love self esteem and feelings of unworthiness.

Do you think the fashion and beauty industry has made any improvement in how they promote beauty?

I think they are getting there. It is great to see curvier models in the industry, as I think it’s supporting the message of “love yourself as you are” and you don’t have to be stick thin in order to be worthy of attention.

What’s the most important message that young girls should know about beauty?

I think it’s most important for them to know that real beauty truly does radiate from the inside out. It really isn’t about the size of clothes you wear or the make-up you use, it’s about who you are on the inside. External beauty changes and sometimes fades over time, but internal beauty is something that will and does last a lifetime. Think about it, it’s no coincidence that happy people are found highly attractive.

What is one thing that women can do to get rid of the nagging voice within us that tells us we’re not good enough?

Probably one of most important things a woman can do is talk with someone they trust about that voice, whether that be a loved one, best friend, or life coach. Shedding a light on those feelings of “not enough” and talking it through truly does help.

Pam has also published The Internal Beauty Boot Camp eWorkbook which is available at


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