Mission Sexy Underwear

Mission Sexy Underwear

Who says you have to wear a low-cut shirt, short skirt, or 3-inch heels to be or feel sexy?

Although sex appeal does come from within, everything that you put on your body contributes to your overall aura of feeling sexy, including the panties and bras that you wear.

Browsing through a few lingerie sites and lingerie blogs this weekend got me thinking…Isn’t it amazing how two little pieces of fabric can make a difference in how you feel about your body? I don’t know about you, but I could be wearing sweat pants and an old t-shirt and still feel sexy because I’m wearing really pretty panties and a matching bra. And even if my panties and bra are not matching, I can still channel those famous lingerie models. It’s all about the attitude, but nice underwear helps a little 🙂

My favorite type of panties are the ones that look like these lace short briefs from NewLook.com…

You can add a little spice to your wardrobe by investing in underwear. It even works for those of you who are on a budget because you can always find nice panties and bras that are inexpensive.

When I buy new underwear, I’m always inspired to workout so that I look good wearing it. So your mission – if you accept it – is to buy panties and bras that make you feel sexy, plus get healthy and fit so that you can rock that body and match how you feel on the inside with how you look on the outside.


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