Interview With Petra Strand of Pixi Beauty

Maria Palma and Petra Strand of Pixi Beauty
Me and Petra Strand

Spring time is just around the corner…Well, here in San Diego it feels like spring has already begun! I don’t know about you, but I’m over this winter weather and really looking forward to all the bright colors that spring brings. When I think of spring, one of the beauty brands that comes to mind is Pixi Beauty. Maybe it’s the product packaging with the fairies and flowers, but something about this beauty brand really resonates with me. So when I had the opportunity to talk with Petra Strand, the Mastermind behind the Pixi brand, I just had to find out what the connection is.

Petra met with me in the lobby of the San Diego Grand Hyatt, the hotel where she was staying for the weekend. She was making an appearance at two San Diego Target stores along with her team of makeup artists to offer beauty tips and give makeovers.

After talking with Petra for just a few minutes, I began to see the connection. Her down-to-earth, no fuss approach to makeup is right up my beauty alley. Here’s the video of the interview where she shares how she started the Pixi brand, who inspires her, what favorite spring beauty looks are, and more…

The day after the interview I attended the Pixi beauty event at the Mira Mesa Target store. It was supposed to be outside, but the rain changed that whole plan. I made the trek up north anyway curious to see how Petra would make me over. If you know me, I’m very minimalistic when it comes to wearing makeup, so I was excited, but a little nervous. The last time someone gave me a makeover was over 15 years ago at a Clinique counter in Macy’s!

Here is my before and after shot…

Before and After Beauty Makeover With Petra Strand

The Target camera crew filmed Petra giving me the makeover, so be on the lookout for the video 🙂

Pixi GLOW for Spring 2012

Pixi GLOW for Spring 2012

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