Winter Wedding Fashion Ideas

Letty's winter wedding

When we think of weddings, we usually picture a warm weather event, usually taking place during the summertime. However, this year many people were married on 11/11. A friend of mine actually got married on that day. It was a blissful wedding and the day was just full of good vibes. As we walked out of the church, the sun was getting ready to set, and the palm trees offered a nice setting.

I realize that for many people, planning an autumn wedding can be a challenge if you live in a cold or rainy weather region like some parts of the East Coast. My friend’s wedding and browsing through the website inspired me to come up with some wedding fashion ideas to help you plan your winter wedding…

For a winter wedding, you don’t have to stick with light colors. I like the idea of having rich jewel-toned colors like these bridesmaid dresses.

Jewel-toned long wedding dresses

Lavender color wedding umbrella

Here’s another idea…If you’re going to have an outdoor wedding and it happens to rain on that day, you can have wedding umbrellas handy for the bridal party or guests. Even on bright, sunny days these are good to have.

If it’s 30 degrees outside, forget about open-toed shoes or strappy sandals for wedding shoes. I’m all about being comfortable and warm! I am loving these satin bridal boots. Heck, I’d wear these on a regular day!

Satin bridal boots

For more winter wedding ideas and tips, check out this video from The Knot…

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