What I’m Lovin’ Right Now: Merle Norman Long-Lasting Lip Polish

Merle Norman Lip Polish in Shy and Modern Princess

On any given day you can look into my purse and see more lipsticks and lip glosses than your local Sephora. I especially like lip gloss, though. There’s something about shiny lips that make your face just light up. Even if you’re not wearing any other makeup, it’s lip gloss or lipstick that will help give you a more polished look.

I’m pretty particular about the lip gloss that I use. I don’t like it too smooth because it comes off after taking a few sips of my coffee. Although I do like how sticky lip gloss lasts longer, I don’t like it too sticky because my hair gets all caught up in it. I remember trying MAC’s lip gloss a few years ago and having this issue.

Merle Norman gives you the best of both worlds with their Long-Lasting Lip Polish ($15). It’s a creamy lip gloss that is part smooth and part sticky. I tried out “Shy” for a more natural polished look, and “Modern Princess” for a little pretty- in-pink look. The collection is available in 12 colors that give you luscious, shiny lips. I like how it glides on smoothly with the brush.

Merle Norman Long-Lasting Lip Polish

My fiance loves it when I wear the “Shy” color. When I’m wearing lip gloss he’ll usually avoid kissing me on the lips, but something about this color has him begging for a kiss! This is what “Modern Princess” color looks like on me…

Have a shopping list of must-try beauty products? Add this lip gloss to the list!

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