Bloggers Do It Better Challenge: Animal Attraction

Fall Outfit with Animal Print

As much as I love these Dolce Vita leopard print pumps, I’ve been a bit hesitant about wearing animal print because a certain someone said that animal print should stay on, well, animals…and that it was definitely a turn-off. So, when the latest Bloggers Do It Better challenge came up, I was excited, yet caught in a dilemma. Do I participate and turn the guy off? Or do I say, The heck with it, and have fun?!

Well, I decided to play it a little safe. I put together a scarf and these grey and ballet flats to create an outfit with subtle touches of animal print, but not enough to scare away my predator 🙂 I took these pictures while he was at work, so he actually will never know.

I’ve actually worn the snakeskin ballet flats several times, but I don’t think he has paid attention. Also, I remember having a leopard print purse years ago and he never said anything about it, and we are still together, so it can’t be that bad of a turn off for him, right?

Leopard print scarf
Snakeskin ballet flats

Scarf – Pink Zone
Shoes – Kushyfoot Flats to Go
Sweater – No Boundaries
Skirt – Forever 21

Well, at least there are creatures who do appreciate leopard print. My friend’s cat, Luna, loves her new boots…

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