Latest Obsession: Floral Dresses

Black and white floral print plus size dress

Right now I’m lovin’ floral dresses. I’ve mentioned on several posts that I do love flowers, but I own only one floral dress at the moment. Back in the early 90’s I had so many floral dresses, and I wish that I had kept all of them because many of the styles have made a comeback this year. I did go through that “grunge” phase, so those dresses ended up in a bag that was given to a thrift store for someone else to appreciate them.

So, just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to put away those floral dresses. You can segue those pretty dresses into a fabulous fall outfit with a pair of boots and a blazer or jean jacket. If it’s a short dress, you can wear it with leggings, a short button-up sweater, and a pair of flats (or sandals if you live in Southern California). I’ve seen some fashionistas wear floral print with stripes and other prints, but my style is not so daring and bold.

The last time I was in H&M I saw so many dresses with small floral prints that I like. Hopefully I can find something similar to the Joe Browns dress pictured here that I saw on, which has a nice selection of plus size floral dresses. For fall, I could picture myself wearing this style of dress with a pair of white tights, a black cardigan (which I really need), and my new black platform shoes. Hmmm…I may just do some shopping this weekend!

What do you think about wearing floral print dresses? Do you have any tips on how to wear them for the fall season? You’re welcome to upload your look on our Facebook page!


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