Women Who Inspire: Petra, Pixi Creator

As an artist and jewelry designer, I am very attracted to color and find inspiration all around me. I especially like to read other artists’ blogs to discover what inspires them. Recently I found out that Petra, the creator of the Pixi brand, just started a blog called Petra, Personally.

Right now Petra has one post up, “Summer Strawberry“, that inspired me to try out the Succulent Lip Twin in Poppy Red that just so happened to be in my swag bag from the San Diego Fashion Bash I attended last Thursday. (Stay tuned for more on that event.) I love that it’s a lip gloss, lipstick, and even a cheek stain all in one!

Pixi Succulent Lip Twin in Poppy Red - Summer 2011

Pixi is one of those brands that speaks to my creative side. Just the packaging alone is eye catching. You may recall that I had chosen Pixi’s Week of Wakeup Makeup as one of my favorite spring makeup products. Even if I don’t use it, I just like to open it up to look at all the colors!

Looking forward to more of Petra’s posts! Now I think I’ll go make a bracelet using poppy red beads…

P.S. I’ll be including a few Pixi products in my Ultimate Summer Beauty Giveaway! Stay tuned to the Facebook page!

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