What I Love Right Now: Striped Clothing

I <3 Stripes

Striped clothing… Fashionistas say it was a big fashion trend this summer, and it was evident by all the celebrities wearing everything from striped dresses to striped shirts. I have always been a fan of stripes – especially black and white long-sleeve striped shirts and sweaters. It’s a classic style that can be worn with jeans, slacks, or skirts…just about anything…

Style “gurus” used to say that horizontal stripes made you look bigger or wider, but now that stripes are considered the “in” trend, it’s perfectly fine to wear this trend. I used to think the same thing, actually, so I am guilty of buying into the myth.

According to MarieClaire.com, the best way to wear stripes is to wear it with a solid color as opposed to pairing stripes with florals or mixing wide strips with thin stripes. (Unless, of course, you just want to be daring and have fun!)

I particularly like striped boat neck sweaters like this one pictured here from Pure Collection’s website…Shop for more womens jumpers from Pure Collection. (Did you know that what we Americans call “sweaters” Britains call “jumpers”? If you ask me, I actually like the term jumpers better than sweaters.)

I was in a creative mood today, so I put together this spread via Polyvore featuring striped tops and pieces I would wear with them…

It's a Striped Thing

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