More Shopping Options For Plus-Size Women

Before this idea of “online shopping” came about, it was difficult for plus-size women to find clothing. There were very few brick-and-mortar shops that offered plus-size clothing, and when they did, there wasn’t much of a selection – not to mention the styles were frumpy and unflattering.

I used to work in a clothing store (Contempo Casuals) where the biggest size we offered was around 10-12, so I understood the frustrations of customers who wanted to come in and shop for cute, trendy clothing, but found themselves disappointed in the size selection.

However, now that we have the internet, women who are plus-size have so many sites where they can shop. In fact, you can buy from clothing stores and boutiques all around the world. If you are a curvy woman, don’t let your size or weight affect your style. There are no excuses not to show off your fabulousness!

My best friend says that it’s hard to find good fitting plus size womens trousers, but I’ve recently found out about sites like that offer a pretty good selection of trousers. Palazzo pants are coming back into style this fall, and as you can see, with the right top and accessories anyone can pull off the look shown in the photo above. If you are plus size, hopefully this will inspire you to update your look.

One thing I’ve noticed is that plus-size women tend to shy away from showing off their body and will end up buying clothing that is one or two sizes bigger. Little do they know is that they end up looking bigger than they really are.

The most important thing for any woman to remember, especially a curvier woman, is that it’s all about confidence. You have to be comfortable in your own skin and be accepting of your body. When you can get into the “I love my body” mindset, it will be easier to shop for clothing.

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