It’s My Arm Party and I’ll Have Fun If I Want To…

There’s a huge party going on over at Pretty Shiny Sparkly – an Arm Party, that is! Out of all the “Bloggers Do It Better” challenges, this has been the most fun for me this week.

My jewelry collection consists of so many different types of bracelets, but as I mentioned before, I’ve always just worn two…maybe three…but usually just two at a time. You would think a jewelry designer and hoarder like myself would always have an arm party, but I’m just a big party pooper most days.

What do they say about parties?  The more the merrier, right?  I finally went from party pooper to wild child this week when I went from wearing bracelets on just one arm to wearing them on both arms…

braided purple bracelet – H&M
beaded bracelet – my design 
silver & gold tone bracelet – Sobe Wear, Miami

necklace chain (wrapped a few times) – Fire Mountain Gems
bangle bracelet – swap meet

Make sure to check out all the fun arm parties and heck, why not throw a party yourself? I know I’m having an arm party every day from now on!

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