The Great Sunscreen Debate

Photo from my vacation in Miami

After writing my last post about taking care of your skin, I started thinking about the big sunscreen debate and whether or not sunscreen is good for you.

Although it’s been said that sunscreen does protect your skin from harmful UV rays, there are others who say that sunscreen contributes to skin cancer because it blocks the creation of Vitamin D, which the body actually needs. Various studies have shown that Vitamin D is an important factor in cancer prevention.

An esthetician once told me that in order to prevent wrinkles and brown spots from showing up on my face, I should use sunscreen. I still have yet to take her advice. Part of me does believe that sunscreen is harmful, but at the same time I don’t want those UV rays in my body either. I’ve decided to just stick to wearing a hat when I’m out in the sun for any long period of time.

I read that the majority of sunscreen products harm people, so if you are going to apply any sunscreen, make sure to use a product that contains healthy, organic ingredients. An organic aloe vera sun lotion would be good because aloe vera has the additional benefit of keeping your skin cool and nourished.

Although we’ve been warned about the potential damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays, many of us continue to lay out in the sun or visit tanning salons. I think that doing this in moderation is ok. I’ve lived in California for 30+ years without using sunscreen and my skin appears to be healthy. I also drink alot of water and eat healthy foods, so I’m sure that has contributed to my healthy skin.

What are your thoughts about the sunscreen debate?

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