Shoes Are Like Love…

My first shoe love: sneakers. If I remember correctly, throughout grade school and junior high I practically lived in sneakers. How could you go wrong with a pair of comfortable shoes that you can run, skip, climb trees with, or do whatever your heart desires? I wasn’t a girly-girl that begged her mom for heels. Give me a pair of sneakers and I’m good to go!

I come from that generation of fashionistas when high-top Reeboks and L.A. Gear shoes were “Awesome!” We would wear them with two pairs of socks – different colors – and tuck our jeans into the socks. I’m so tempted to bring back that trend from the 80’s!

My brother gave me the pair of Nike running shoes pictured above a couple years ago. They’re so lightweight that sometimes it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing shoes at all. Besides that, I love the basic, almost retro style. Nothing fancy – just a great pair of walking shoes. They’re starting to get a bit worn out, but just like a fine wine, it just seems to get better with age.

There will come a time when I will have to replace these trusty ole Nikes, and just when this realization hit me today, I came across a pair of Ecco Shoes that are practically the same color and very similar in style. Divine intervention, perhaps? There’s a saying that goes something like you don’t find love, love finds you. Well, I do believe that shoes are like love, you don’t find them…they find you 🙂

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