Semi-Rant About Beauty Pageants

I don’t believe in beauty competitions where we compare women or little girls and decide who is the “prettiest” or “the best”. Women (or men) who enter these pageants and lose walk away thinking they are not good enough. They lose some of their self-esteem.  Whether you want to believe it or not, these types of competitions do affect people psychologically, even if it’s just for fun.

Americans particularly are fascinated with beauty pageants, and I find it fascinating that they’re fascinated by them. In America we have child beauty pageants and even reality shows about child beauty pageants. It just makes me wonder what kind of messages moms are sending to their little girls. The only way to be pretty is to wear a ton of makeup and have a big bouffant hairdo?  I don’t mean to come off as being judgmental because that is their life and they can do whatever they want to, but I really feel for these little girls when they’re just not in the mood and their mothers are forcing them to compete.

Think that beauty pageants are just for cute little girls and skinny women? Think again. Ben Muessig of The Huffington Post writes about a different kind of beauty pageant – the Miss Cicciona pageant in Italy where women who are over 220 pounds can compete and be recognized for their own unique beauty.  I’m not someone who likes beauty pageants, but this does open up our minds to a different way of thinking and perceiving beauty

In Australia there’s a group called Pull the Pin on Beauty Pageants for Children which gathered today to protest a pageant being held in Melbourne.  Some members of this group feel that beauty pageants for kids is bordering on child abuse.

What do you think about beauty pageants?

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