Natural Beauty: Why Use Mineral Makeup?

Thank Goodness for the mineral makeup revolution! I have to say that prior to mineral makeup foundation, it was torturous having to wear liquid foundation. Don’t get me wrong, if regular foundation works for you, I’m happy for you. I, for one, found it such a hassle trying to get liquid foundation to blend in with my skin. My face always looked ghost-like in pictures! Well, now there are companies that let you create the perfect blend for your skin, but I just find it easier to use mineral makeup.

Just for the fact that mineral makeup is good for your skin in that it contains natural ingredients should be enough to make you at least try it out if you never have. Why pass up on something that is good for your skin? The benefits of mineral makeup include being free of:

  • oil
  • artificial fragrance
  • silicone
  • alcohol
  • wax
  • preservatives

Need any more reasons? I love mineral makeup because it does not feel heavy on my skin and it gives my face a fresh, smooth look – at least, that’s what my best friend tells me. Besides that, it does not clog my pores, which is perfect for someone like me who has oily skin and is prone to acne break-outs. I’ve been wearing mineral foundation for at least three years now, and I don’t break out nearly as often as I used to.

Minerals are not just for makeup either. The skin care experts over at Harley Street Skincare have been using minerals on their patients to ease skin redness. They later developed their own mineral makeup line because of patient feedback. I do notice that the red, blotchy spots on my face go away when I wear mineral foundation.

Do you use mineral makeup? Why or why not?

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