Product Review: Shapercise Powered by ShaToBu™

Shapercise Shape Wear

Nothing replaces good ole fashioned exercise and healthy eating to lose weight and look slimmer, but sometimes we need a tool or two to help us out once in awhile – especially those times when we’re wearing a tight little dress for a night on the town 🙂

Last week I talked about the “secret” to looking slimmer and shared tips on how to pick out shapewear. It just so happens that for the past month or so I’ve been trying out Shapercise Powered by ShaToBu™ which is designed to shape, tone muscles, and burn calories simply by wearing it throughout the day.

Shapercise was created based on the principle of resistance training. There are resistance bands built into the undergarment that force muscles to work harder as you move around. They conducted studies at the University of Virginia and concluded that wearing Shapercise shapewear does help burn more calories. I can’t say for sure whether or not I burned more calories, (I had no way of measuring that) but I could feel that my stomach and thigh muscles getting a little workout.

For me, wearing it took awhile to get used to because this is the first time I’ve ever worn undergarments like this. It did feel really tight when I first put on the shapewear, but I liked that my belly looked flatter.

You have a choice between the regular waist to smooth out your bulges in your thighs or butt, or the high waist for smoothing of the tummy and love handles. I have the high waist in the nude color. As you can see in the picture below, I can wear my light-colored dresses without showing any panty lines. No little muffin tops when I’m wearing pants either.  

Wearing Shapercise

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Disclosure: I received a free sample for my review…

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