Spring Fashion To Do: White Out Trend

I wasn’t able to participate in Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly’s “Bloggers Do It Better” White Out challenge this week because I didn’t have anything white in my closet and I didn’t have the time to go shopping. All the white items I’ve ever owned before either had some kind of stain on it or just didn’t look quite so white anymore.

When I did hear about the “White Out” Challenge, I immediately thought about H&M’s Conscious Collection that consists of all these different pieces made with white organic cotton. My favorite piece, though, is the white recycled polyester dress pictured here. I hope it’s still available because the more I think about it, the more I want it…

What I do own that is remotely close to white (they’re actually more of a beige color) is this pair of Kushyfoot Flats-to-go ($9.99).

You may recall my review of these flats last year. I love them because I can fold them up and store them in my purse for those times when I’m wearing heels and need some foot relief. I can also wear them around the house or when I make a quick trip to the grocery store.

Today I was in a girly-girl mood so I wore these flats with a pair of Kushyfoot ivory lace foot covers. I like to think of them as lingerie for your feet…

If I were to purchase anything white to wear this spring, it would probably be a dress that I can lift up when I sit. White pants or shorts just seem like too much trouble – having to worry about where I sit and wearing the right underwear. With a dress I can wear a pair of boy shorts or even a pair of leggings.

What about you? Will you be trying out the White-Out trend this spring or summer?

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