Beauty Product Review: Satin Smooth Res-Q Ingrown Hair Treatment Mousse

Satin Smooth Res-Q Ingrown Hair Treatment Mousse

I heard or read an interesting statistic a few weeks ago – that close to 100% of women are self-conscious about their arm pits. I have to be honest and say that I am one of these women. The skin in this area is bumpy, blotchy, and I often get ingrown hairs….and when it comes to wearing sleeveless tops or dresses, I’m more worried about how my arm pits look than anything. Most women think about their flabby arms. Not me.

Well, summer is just around the corner and it will be time to wear all that cute sleeveless clothing again. So I decided to try out Satin Smooth’s Res-Q Ingrown Hair Treatment Mousse which is specially made to treat ingrown hair, razor burns, bumps, and all those skin irritations.

I’ve been using the product for about a week now and I have noticed that the skin in my armpit feels much smoother. Even the “stubble” hairs feel soft.

You can use it on your neck, face, or bikini areas as well, but so far I’ve only used it on my underarms.

I have one warning, though. Make sure you wait at least 24 hours after you’ve shaved, waxed, or had laser hair removal before applying the mousse. I made the mistake of not reading the directions (which I often do) and used the mousse right after I shaved. I started to feel a little burning sensation.

Ingrown Hair Treatment PadsIf mousse products aren’t your thing, Satin Smooth also has hair treatment pads with a creamy smooth formula.

Have you tried any of these products? How did they work for you?

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