Spring 2011 Plus-Size Dress Trends

Spring is in full effect! Are you just as excited as I am to go shopping for new spring dresses?

For spring 2011, some of the trends in plus size dresses include animal prints, polka-dots, the long maxi dress (my favorite!), and ruffled dresses. However, you also can’t go wrong with bright floral dresses, denim shirt dresses, or the classic LBD (little black dress). Here are some of my favorite dress styles for spring:

Maxi- Dress – Those of you who know me, know that I love the boho-chic look. My go-to dress has been a tube-top maxi dress in a colorful paisley print. I came across this sleeveless maxi dress in this beautiful aqua color by Taillissime…


The “LBD” – Another go-to dress that is always “in” is the little black dress. You can go with a classic style or a style that consists of fun, little details like the one pictured here that has contrasting stitching and ribbon detailing.

Plus Size Black Dress

Shirt Dress – Shirt dresses give you an effortless, well-put-together look. No matter what your size, you can look good in a shirt dress. Throw on a pair of flats or heels and you’re good to go! In 8th grade I had this checkered green and white shirt dress that I loved to wear. If I still had it, I’d probably wear it even today!

Plus Size Denim Shirt Dress

All the dresses featured here are available at http://www.onestopplus.co.uk/

Even if you’re experiencing April shower days like we are here in Southern California, you can still wear spring dresses with long-sleeve cardigans, tights, and boots. A nice trench coat will top the look.

What’s your favorite dress style for spring?

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