Fight for Your Right to Be Fashionably Offensive

It’s not fair, but it’s the way it is. A man has so much more freedom when choosing funny t shirts to wear. While it isn’t technically against the law for a woman to wear a t-shirt with a naughty joke or image on it, the laws of fashion and the lingering remnants of male-centric moral metrics dictate that women walk a fine line if they want to be radical yet remain fashionable.

You know the kind of shirts I’m talking about – the kind you see on Crazy Dog T Shirts, Snorgtees, BustedTees, and other shirt sites. You’re probably thinking these shirts are for teenagers, but come on, you know you find a lot of them funny, because they are. Clever pop culture-infused screen-printed shirts are becoming a modern day art form, and there’s no shame, other than the unfortunate aforementioned stigmas in wanting to wear one. But, at the end of the day you’re practical, and while the thought of walking around the supermarket wearing a shirt showing the Lucky Charms leprechaun vomiting up his own cereal makes you giggle, it’s probably more befitting for your 15-year-old kid.

Are we really going to accept this kind of socio-sexist imprisonment? Look, honestly nothing stops you from wearing whatever you want as a woman, and the idea that we’re oppressed by-way of our closeted desire to wear vulgar shirts in a world that doesn’t approve is a stretch, but new ground must be gained. The fact that a double-standard exists in some capacity is enough to want to negotiate new terms and make some kind of stand, even if it’s just for the right to wear a funny shirt as an adult woman and not feel obliged to apologize for it. The simple truth is that for that to happen, you simply must abandon the urge to apologize, after all there’s nothing to be sorry for.

There was a time when if anybody, male or female, wore a shirt with an image on it, they were considered rebellious good for nothings in need of a draft notice or a convent. I’m sure in your lifetime alone you can look back and see a definite evolution of acceptance in the fashion world. Times have changed, and times will continue to change. But the change comes only with the movements of the multitude. Yeah, it’s just funny t-shirts, but freedom on any front is always worth fighting for.

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