Which Beauty and Fashion Companies Do You Socialize With?

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Lately I’ve been thinking about how much has changed in the beauty and fashion world. As someone who has worked in the industry for many years, I can see a shift in how companies are doing business. With social media at the forefront of marketing campaigns, those companies who don’t make personal connections with their customers are going to get lost in the noise.

If you’re active on Facebook or Twitter, you have probably noticed how beauty and fashion brands are now sharing information via these networks. It’s no longer about glossy fashion magazines or TV ads – one way communication. From a business standpoint, I think it’s important that companies know what their customers are saying about them on these social networks.

Nowadays companies are communicating directly with their customers, engaging in conversations, and providing useful content. I also love that I don’t have to sign up with an email address if I want to stay updated on sales or get special discounts. All I have to do is follow a company on Twitter or Facebook. My email box is full enough with business emails!

For example, I can “like” the ShopNBC Facebook page and get daily status updates in case there is a good deal on something that I need – like a new black handbag! If tweeting is more your thing, ShopNBC tweets on a regular basis about the promotions and new products too. You can also subscribe to watch ShopNBC on YouTube.

Besides keeping up with the latest sales, there are many beauty and fashion-related companies that I follow for giveaways and contests. I also share feedback with them about products I’ve purchased.

Which companies do you follow on Twitter or “Like” on Facebook and why?

Photo Credit: Mike Licht

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