My Favorite Jewelry: Sterling Silver Rings

Unique sterling silver ring

Lately I’ve been pretty particular about the clothing or jewelry purchases I make. What I mean is that I’m looking more at quality vs. quantity. Even if I have to pay a little more for quality, so be it. I also like things that are unique – not everybody and their grandma is wearing it.

As a jewelry designer I appreciate the craftmanship and work that goes into creating elegant jewelry. I tend to gravitate to pretty sterling silver rings and of course, one-of-a-kind beaded jewelry.

One of my favorite pieces from my collection is this sterling silver ring pictured here that I’ve had since college.  I used to joke that it was my “secret weapon” in case I ever had to fight anybody.  It’s definitely a conversation piece because I always get compliments and questions about it. 

Peace ring - sterling silver

My other favorite ring is this Peace ring – an homage to the hippies and a reminder to be peaceful at all times.

Most women have one or two jewelry pieces that express who they are.  These two rings probably sum up who I am:  peaceful and unique.

What jewelry pieces in your collection represent who you are?

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