Style Tip: Expand Your Fashion Horizons

Three days before Christmas I was in Macy’s shopping for Christmas gifts for my family. I wanted to see what kind of deals I could find during their “One Day” sale (Seriously, they have a One Day Sale every month). Don’t ask me why I waited until last minute to shop for presents. Insanity, I know.

I took The Man shopping with me, which turned out to be more frustrating than fun. He had different ideas about what I should buy my family for Christmas. I would hold up a shirt that I knew my step-mom would like and he would make faces of disgust. Of course, there were things that he liked that were nothing close to what I had in mind.

He said,”You have to give them options. Expand their minds when it comes to fashion…

He was right, but I’m not so sure my family would get the message.

I was reminded of the time I went into Forever 21 in downtown San Francisco. It’s a little overwhelming shopping in that store because there’s just so many things I like. As usual, though, I was drawn to classic, practical items that would last me for at least a few seasons.

I realized what I was doing and stopped myself. How could I dish out style tips on my blog and not follow my own advice about trying something new? So I grabbed this cute jacket/top (pictured above) that I normally wouldn’t have tried on. I’m working on expanding my “fashion horizons”.

What about you? Are you caught in a fashion rut? What have you done lately to expand your own fashion repertoire and be more creative about expressing yourself? The next time you go shopping, be adventurous and try something new!

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