Should Beauty Pageants Still Exist?

tiara II

Do you think that beauty pageants should still exist? I came across this press release: America’s Beauty Pageants Look to Redefine Teen & Child Beauty Pageants with Focus on Inner Beauty.

I think it is great that the beauty pageant philosophy has evolved, but at the same time I’m not sure if any type of pageant that compares women and nominates a “winner” should even exist.

You’re still judging women – even if it is for their inner beauty. Every single woman has inner beauty. It’s subjective. If you were to judge women on this aspect, they’re still going to question themselves, still feeling like they’re not good enough if they don’t win.

Yes, it is good to celebrate women and their talents, but I’m a little tired of our society comparing people. I’m especially tired of seeing these magazines with their lists of “Top 100 Most Beautiful People”, “Sexiest Women/Men”, etc.

Just sayin’.

What do you think?

Photo Credit: Jennifer Donley

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