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Ralph Lauren Oversized Sunglasses

Accessorizing, as any girl knows, is the icing on the cake of style – it’s not where the substance of your vision lies, but your look wouldn’t be complete without it! Or But it can get expensive to keep up with all the latest purses, jewellery, belts, not to mention eyewear. The latter can often be quite pricey, but it’s not something you want to scrimp on, or your look may really suffer.

Websites such as are offering a whole new world of classy, elegant sunglasses at affordable prices. Here, we take a look at some of the best designer frames they have to offer:

Ralph Lauren Oversized
A sophisticated design giving the wearer a classic look, these lenses are fashionably oversized, with silver-plated arms as striking as the frames. The smoky lenses and the Ralph Lauren logo complete this timeless, Audrey Hepburn look.

Yves Saint Laurent Oversized
The Yves Saint Laurent brand has been at the cutting-edge of luxury brand fashion for more than half a century – and these fabulous sunglasses continue that trend with syle. And how. Striking blue lenses are set against teal frames, to create a bold statement for any woman brave enough to don them this season.

Roberto Cavalli Rectangular
Roberto Cavalli has carved out a name as one of the world’s most respected fashion houses. Designs of feminine sophistication that are nonetheless edgy are what Roberto Cavalli is all about – and these sublimely understated sunglasses are a prime example of the designers elegance.

Tom Ford Aviator
Not your usual aviators, this stunning reboot of a classic is brought to you by ace young designer Tom Ford. Understated brown brings a sophistication heretofore unrealised in the classic aviator shades.

To see all these frames – and many more – visit the Pricedropper website, where you will find a wide range of designer sunglasses at cheaper prices than on the high street.

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