Finding Inspiration to Exercise

Do Yoga in New Colours

Exercising consistently is something that I’ve been struggling with these past few months. For whatever reason, I’ve lost the motivation to work out and stay in shape. My problem is that I get bored easily. My friend likes to go walking in the morning, and although I have joined her a few times, I don’t find it that enjoyable.

As I was looking at pictures of me that were taken on Halloween, I became very critical of certain body parts that were looking a bit flabby. I’ve also noticed that I don’t have the same level of energy as I used to. I knew then that I needed to get back to a regular exercise routine.

One form of exercise that I do like is yoga, so I’m looking to buy a few yoga DVD’s so I can do exercise at home. Yoga offers many health benefits, and I especially like that it’s not that strenuous on the body.  I also like that it keeps me centered and grounded.

YouTube has an abundance of videos on yoga. Here’s a yoga video I found for beginners…

Yoga socks by KushyFoot

Since I’m going to start doing yoga again, I’m going to try out these yoga socks that I got from KushyFoot. They have the anti-skid soles, so when I’m in that warrior yoga position, I don’t fall over!

As I’m writing this, I’m starting to feel very inspired to get back into a regular exercise routine. Perhaps if I blog more about exercise, it will keep me motivated. So stay tuned for fitness updates and tips!

Photo Credit: Lululemon Athletica

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