My Thoughts on Oprah’s “Aging Beauty” Show

Teri Hatcher Without Makeup

Last week Oprah Winfrey had an interesting conversation on her show about aging beauty. Hollywood beauties, Teri Hatcher, Linda Evans, and Cybill Shepard were her guests on the show, and they revealed their own personal thoughts about beauty and aging.

I think it’s great that there are women in the entertainment industry who are honest about how they look and feel about themselves. There are many people in Hollywood who continue to deny that they have had any work done, which further perpetuates the illusion that has been created by TV and the media.

I was outraged when I first discovered that fashion and beauty magazines Photoshopped, retouched, and edited pictures. You mean to tell me that these people are fake? At the time I was just starting out as a fashion writer and it made me rethink my goal of ever writing for one of those high profile glossy fashion magazines. How could I be a part of a company that sold this illusion of beauty?

If you watched Oprah’s show, you would have learned that no matter who you are, how blonde or beautiful, or how famous you are, you will never be truly happy until you can acknowledge who you truly are as a person and embrace the beauty inside of you. So many of us place our self-worth on the physical aspects of ourselves. What happens when you start to age and you don’t look like you did in your 20’s?

We live in a society that places more emphasis on physical beauty versus inner beauty. There is so much “anti-aging” marketing going on. I say, why not just age gracefully and accept it for what it is?

It is nice, though, to see that there are more conversations going on about this topic and we’re heading to a place that values inner beauty. If this is something that you’re interested in, I invite you to read my other blog, Project Inner Beauty.

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