Favorite Classics For Fall 2010: Lace and Leopard Print

I tend not to be a trend follower, but I do like to know about the latest fashion looks and what’s coming up for fall. The fall is my favorite season for fashion because of all the layering and boots. I love boots.

I am excited, though, that many classic styles are coming back for fall 2010. For instance, lace and leopard print are fun and add a little spice to the wardrobe.

Mid-length Skirts by Michael Kors at ShopStyle

Whenever I think of animal print clothing, I picture myself wearing a leopard print pencil skirt (I’ve had my eye on the Michael Kors skirt pictured here), a nice white sleeveless blouse with ruffles, and a pair of Jimmy Choo heels. As for accessories, I would keep it simple – studded pearl earrings and a simple gold ring.

When wearing animal print, I think it should be worn in moderation. I wouldn’t wear leopard print from head to toe!

As for lace, I love that it’s being used in everything from trench coats to handbags and even shoes. I especially love lace shoes and handbags.

The beauty of lace and animal print is that you’ll probably be able to get a great deal of wear out of anything you buy because they’re such classic styles. I would definitely make the investment and buy quality pieces.

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