Book Review: “Unforgettable You” by Daisy Fuentes

What is it about a woman that makes her more attractive and desirable besides her stunning physical beauty? Is it that she knows who she is and feels comfortable being in her own skin? Is it that she knows how to carry herself with elegance and grace?

In her book, Unforgettable You: Master the Elements of Style, Spirituality, and True Beauty, Daisy Fuentes shares her thoughts about what makes a woman beautiful from the inside-out. Daisy also dishes out tips and personal, candid thoughts on fashion, sex, relationships, and spirituality. There’s even advice on table manners, cell phone etiquette (a must read!), some grammar rules that Daisy feels every lady should know, plus much more.

Unlike other books about beauty, this is not just another one filled with Do’s and Don’ts. It’s also a workbook in which you get to know more about yourself and how you feel. Daisy says that to know yourself, you have to question yourself fully. Therefore, there are several questionnaires throughout the book and you are given space to fill in your own answers. I like that Daisy shares parts of her own journal so that the reader can know more about her too.

I love that this book is filled with inspirational quotes, pictures of Daisy during her journey to becoming a woman, and interviews with notable people such as Cindy Crawford and Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

When Daisy asks Martyn Lawrence Bullard, “What is the best beauty advice you can give a woman?”, his answer is:

“…learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. Show yourself and others all the beauty you possess inside, and by learning to love yourself, embracing your faults, whatever they may be, and seeing those faults are really just a part of us and by accepting this love them, yourself, and eventually everyone will love you, and through that inner love your outer beauty will shine tenfold.”

From beginning to end, this book is filled with the inspiration to be who you truly are and to live a happier, more fulfilling life. After reading it, I almost feel like I personally know Daisy Fuentes. In many ways she and I think alot alike – especially about spirituality. This book made me realize that not all beautiful celebrities are full of themselves!

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