Beauty Is: Organized Beauty Products and An Organized Closet

Yesterday I pulled everything out of my closet to reorganize and figure out what clothes to give away. I do this every 6 months or so to preserve my sanity. I just can’t stand clutter and messiness. It drives me bonkers. That’s not to say that I’m not messy because there are times when my life gets a bit hectic.

Organizing your closet and all of those beauty products is something I highly recommend. Not only will you feel instant zen, you’ll begin to discover items you forgot you had. You realize that you don’t have to go shopping after all. You’ve been reacquainted with that pair of brown peep-toe heels that go with all your summer dresses 😉

One area that needed help desperately was my beauty products. I have lipsticks, lip gloss, eyeliners, perfume samples, and hair accessories all over the place. Thank Goodness for the handy-dandy Magnapods. They have magnets so you can attach them to the inside door of the medicine cabinet. I don’t have a medicine cabinet, so I’ve put them on my metal shelf next to the bathroom mirror.

I also organized all the items on top of the dresser drawer in my closet.  My jewelry was a mess, so I took a cork board, stuck push pins in it, and used it to hang some of my longer necklaces and bracelets.

So, hopefully this post will inspire you to get organized.  I’ve always believed that a cluttered life equals a cluttered mind.  Believe me, your mind will feel so much better after you’ve organized a closet.  Besides, there might be something in there that could be more useful for someone else.

If you want to learn more about how to organize your beauty products, check out this article at BellaSugar: How to Organize Your Product Stash.

Here’s a video from Real Simple Magazine that offers some tips on how to organize your closet space:

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