Karl Lagerfeld:  Inspiring Us to Channel Our Inner Fashion Icon

The marriage of fashion and art has always been…and always will be.  After all, fashion is a manifestation of one’s creative vision, which is in essence, a work of art.  I believe that some designers are more creative than others, and therefore, more artistic.  However, every designer has their own unique vision and we shouldn’t take away from that.  There is one designer who many consider to be utter genius when it comes to blending art and fashion:  Karl Lagerfeld.

Karl Lagerfeld is our modern-day Renaissance Man – a fashion icon turned super-hero, if you will. He saves the fashion world from boredom with controversy, inspiring photography, and poetic sound bites. His uncanny ability to turn the mundane into a work of art ceases to amaze even the most talented artists.

Describing Lagerfeld as a prolific fashion designer is a mild understatement.  From Chloe, to Fendi and Chanel, he has churned out enough designs for ten lifetimes.  What makes Lagerfeld a true artist, though, is his knack for pushing the boundaries and challenging people to think outside their comfort zones – like the time when Anna Wintour walked out of his Fendi runway show because he used strippers to model his collection.

The one thing, though, that many find intriguing about Lagerfeld is his trademark outfit: White button-down shirt, black tie, and black suit.  How could a man so creative get caught up in a fashion rut?  Save for the occasional accessory change, he’s practically worn the same outfit for years.  But then, maybe he would rather use his creative energy on those remarkable runway collections and backdrops.

If a woman were to channel her inner Karl Lagerfeld and have a trademark outfit, what would it be?  The first thing that comes to mind is the little black dress.  You can never go wrong with the LBD.  If Karl can pull off wearing black for all these years, why couldn’t a woman do it with the LBD?

Black Dresses by Express at ShopStyle

(Smocked black strapless dress from EXPRESS)

I love this black dress from Ann Taylor…

Black Dresses by Ann Taylor at ShopStyle

So, if anything, today is that day to take inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld.  Look deep within you and find that inner fashion icon or artist who has been waiting to make his/her mark on the world.

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