Wedding Jewelry Trends For 2010

Summer is the season for weddings and lately I’ve been seeing some beautiful wedding jewelry!  There’s also been a great deal of talk about celebrities (Heidi Klum and Seal come to mind) renewing their wedding vows, so whether you’ve been inspired to renew your own vows or you’ll be making vows for the first time, you’ll want to wear jewelry that represents your unique beauty and timeless love!

For 2010 wedding jewelry has gone big and bold.  Think layers and large “bib” necklaces like this necklace by Vera Wang…

Diamond Engagement Ring

One trend that I really like is custom design engagement rings.  I love the idea of wearing a custom ring that symbolizes your relationship as unique and valuable. 

I’ve read that chandelier earrings are “in” this year, but aren’t they always?!?  I always see some bride wearing chandelier earrings every year. I love these art deco style earrings…

If you don’t like the traditional gold or platinum wedding bands or you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative, you may want to consider titanium rings. Alternative metals are supposed to be big this year.

However, if you do have the money to spend (lucky you!), you should look at these gorgeous diamond wedding bands.

No matter what jewelry you buy for your engagement or wedding, remember to wear it with confidence. You want to shine more than your jewelry!

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