The One Summer Fashion Staple Everyone Needs

Bright, sunny days are here again, so that means it’s time to protect your eyes with a pair of fashionable sunglasses. They can’t be anything but, right?!

Well, here in San Diego it seems to always be the season for sunglasses and I always keep a pair handy whether it be in my purse or in the car.  On any given day here in Southern California, you’ll see people wearing retro-chic sunglasses. Think Grace Kelly in white frames or those Ray ban sunglasses reminiscent of 80’s fashion.

For summer 2010 we’ll be seeing frames in all different types of fun colors and unique shapes. Also, for more eco-conscious shoppers, there will be sunglasses made from renewable materials.

I think these Karen Walker sunglasses are really fun…

Karen Walker Spring 2010 sunglasses

Regardless if you’re into wearing the latest styles in sunglasses, it should be a staple for the summer wardrobe. Your eyes need protection from those dangerous UV rays. Besides, who wants wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes?

Wholesale sunglasses

I found out about this site where you can buy sunglasses wholesale. If anything, you can probably make money because you can buy a dozen pairs for around $23 (give or take), take one pair for yourself and then sell the rest to your friends or on eBay. (Yes, that’s the entrepreneur in me always at work!) You can also buy sunglass accessories including sunglass cords.

What’s your favorite sunglass trend for 2010?

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