What To Do With Old, Worn Out Tank Tops

Old Tank Tops Turn Dusters

Every six months I go through my closet to reorganize everything and get rid of clothes I haven’t worn in awhile. Most of the time I give away clothes to the Salvation Army or Goodwill, however, there are some clothes that I wouldn’t want other people wearing – like my deodorant-stained tank tops.

I was going to throw these tank tops away, but I started thinking about all the millions and millions of clothing pieces already filling up our landfills. I’ve been to a landfill before and it’s not a pretty sight!

Even though these cotton tank tops are probably biodegradable, I think they can have a second life by becoming furniture dusters 😉

Another thing you could do with old clothes is give it to a mixed media artist. Artists know how to use their creativity to re-purpose anything. For instance, I’ve used old scraps of fabric in my oil paintings to create this mixed media collage painting…

Mixed Media Collage Painting

Do you have any ideas to add?

Here are a couple eye-opening articles about disposable fashion…

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