Spending Time With Nature = Beauty and Good Health

Big Bear Lake

Although it is nice to go to a spa and get a massage to feel revitalized and relax tense muscles, for me nothing beats a nice weekend getaway where you can spend time with nature and just be in the moment.

I believe that connecting with nature is one of the keys to good health and happiness. With Earth Day approaching, I highly recommend taking even just a couple hours this week to sit outside and appreciate all the beautiful nature around you.

This past weekend I drove up to Big Bear Lake which is located here in Southern California. Big Bear is known for its ski summit and many people from San Diego or Los Angeles like to go there for a quick getaway because it’s only a few hours away.

We hung out right on the lake for most of our stay and just soaked up all the nice, fresh air and beautiful surroundings. It made me think how much more relaxed and beautiful we could all be if we just stopped to enjoy nature once in awhile. Everyone we met who lives there was so nice. You can’t help but be that way when you have so much beautiful nature around you!

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